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Security for Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner, Car Hacking

New kind of Car Hacking:


With a cheap OBD2 Bluetooth scanner from Ebay or Chinese clones, you have barely have security,  The default code for these cheap scanner is either “0000”, “1234”, or “6789”. Essentially, the unit is on all the time, slowing drawing energy from the battery, which means that it is discoverable all the time. So, anyone walking around the car park or stuck in traffic,  could basically get a full readout of your car’s diagnostics. With some new apps, you can do several functions not available before ( check italic text). With the OBDLink MX, LX and WiFi MX, you have Hack-Proof. It’s a cutting-edge security scheme virtually eliminates the risk of unauthorized access not available on Chinese Clones or Ebay purchased scanners. Think about this before purchasing your new obd2 scanner.

So someone can hack your car via the OBD2 port to unlock door (on some car models only) or worst start your car with a cheap OBD2 Bluetooth or Wifi Scanner .






obdCaneX Lite is an Android based application which allows full keyfob control functions of your vehicle. Including unlocking and locking of doors, activation of your panic alarm, remote starting and shutting off of your engine (if OEM equipped remote start capability is activated).
Remote for Nissan (WiFi iOS version) allows you to activate several accessories from your car remotely. You can turn on the head lights, sound the horn and lock/unlock doors without touching your car keys: Parking Locators, Open Trunk and Lock/Unlock Door

Carplugs OBDLink MX scanner

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ELM References

Elmscan 5 Jumper Diagram

ELM327 Datasheet

ELM327 Quick Reference Sheet

Elmscan5 jumper diagram are (C) ScanTool.net.

ELM327 PDF documents are (C) Elmelectronics.

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